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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 15, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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welcome back to cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. in christ churchurcristchurch, today heartbreak and disbelief after 49 people were killed in the nation's deadliest shooting in modern history, the attack shattering the peace of friday prayers at two mosques in the city, an attack that was driven by extremist views. >> it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. from what we know, it does appear to have been
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well-planned. >> four people have been arrested, one of them charged in connection to this massacre. hospitals there treated dozens who were wounded, young children among them. any one planning to attend a mosque anywhere in new zealand today, the police commissioner is urging them to stay home and, quote, close your door until you hear from us again. a survivor who managed to escape safely with his wife and 4-year-old son grew emotional when describing the chaos inside. >> we heard the firing from the main entrance of the building and everybody just run toward the back doors just to save themselves. we saw many injured. one woman was lied there. she was just lying in the road and -- i don't know how many
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people died. >> bliss savage is live in christ churchurch christchurch. clarissa ward is in london. bliss, i want to begin with you. of course, if you have any update on any of the survivors at the hospital, a, but i know you're at the courthouse, an hour away from the hearing involved with that 28-year-old suspect. tell me more. >> reporter: not a lot of updates on the victims. there is a fund-raising page, but right now we're outside of the christ churchurch district h where the suspect charged with murder is expected to appear in about an hour. right now it's relatively quiet. there's a few reporters out here. there is one or two armed guards around here as well. we don't exactly know if we're going to see the suspect. some people say he might already be inside. we don't know if we'll actually see him. today is his first court appearance where it'll be the
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formal charge and he has the option to enter a plea or not and we're just waiting right now to see what else happens. >> four arrested, one charge, bliss, thank you christchurch. clarissa, on this 87 page hate manifesto that's been linked to one of the suspect, it says he chose new zealand because he wanted to show that nowhere in the world is safe. at least one of the four arrested is an australian but could it be possible that this whole plan was crafted elsewhere? >> reporter: well, that's the million dollar question, brooke, and that's what investigators will really be wanting to drill down on right now as they pour over the contents of this 87 page toem of hatred essentially. it's clear from the language in this that he is speaking very directly often to an online community operating largely on the darkweb that is very much in line with these memes and tropes
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that he mentions. it's also clear that he's been deliberately provocative throughout this manifesto. he is looking to incite a retaliatory attack. he is looking and explicitly calling for others like him to essentially drive a wedge in the very fabric of societies of thriving, liberal democracies where you see culture of multi-culturalism being embraced. the question is did somebody help him to do this? did somebody help him to plan this? these attacks could quite a bit of planning. they were well coordinated. he said in his manifesto he'd been working on them for two years but were other people providing some forms of assistance and were other people watching what happened today, are they taking notes and are they preparing to do their own copycat types of attacks, brooke? >> as, you know, governments, law enforcement work to answer those million dollar questions, i want to read this quote that we saw from a far right
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australian lawmakers, blamed the attacks on the growing fear within our community both in australia and new zealand of the increasing muslim presence. you know this part of the world. can you talk to me about how views like that have influenced the region? >> reporter: what's shocking, brooke, it's not just this part of the world any more. we have been doing a series of stories on the rise of the far right looking at islamaphobia and anti-semitism. certainly across here in europe in the u.s. as well, australia, now new zealand as well, and the common trope that you see here, i think, is that in this political climate there is no question that people feel emboldened to give air to views that traditionally would be seen as unacceptable, as taboo, as racist, as hateful, as a form of hate speech even, but because some of that speech and some of that discourse has actually seeped in to the mainstream political rhetoric, there is
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definitely a sense now that in this environment that people do feel freer and more comfortable given air to these hideous views, brooke. >> and how it's so quickly and easily filtered out as you mentioned, the darkweb and on the internet and how so many people are connected without having ever met one another. clarissa, thank you very much. thank you for being with me and i have a set of questions but really i want to take a quick right turn. i was just handed this statement from congresswoman rashida tlaib. this morning i tried to hold back tears as i hugged my two brown, muslim boys a little tighter and longer. the painful loss of life based on hate makes me so angry. i am so angry at those who
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follow the white supremacy agenda in my own tri that sends a signal across the world that massacres like this is some kind of call to action. what say you? >> she's right. 49 individuals were killed when they went to pray. that's friday prayer. that's the equivalent of sunday mass. that was their last prayer and he said, how will i keep my kids safe? let that sink in. how will i keep my kids safe and we're in america saying this? because this ideology of supremacy and hate has been globalized and mainstreamed, brooke. it's white supremacy and we have seen examples in america where our constitutionally protected houses of worship have become sites of mass violence. in october when president trump was promoting that anti-semitic conspiracy theory, the jewish hungarian billionaire allegedly funding the caravan of rapists
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going to invade america, does that sound familiar? late october what happened, a man said he wanted to punish the invaders, specifically the refugees. he wanted to punish the refugees. i don't care about the optics and he walked into a synagogue and killed 11 people. on a social media he reshared a post that said i want to punish the evil, filthy jews for bringing in the evil, filthy muslim. in quebec two years ago, a shooter who was named by the new zealand shooter in his manifesto he cited him, walked in and shot and killed six worshippers in a mosque. he was anti-immigrant, antirefugee and pro-trump. this effects all of our community. you go to a synagogue, a temple a mosque with your family today, today's juma, friday prayer and you think, huh, will have to protect my son? will i have to protect my daughter? why is this ideology mainstream?
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why isn't it calling out? why doesn't donald trump call it out? does does it call charlottesville folks who say jews will not replace us as very fine people but when it comes to muslim suspects, he wants extreme vetting. i want him to be strong and not impotent. i want him to lead from top to bottom. >> the manifesto makes a mention of trump, describing his as a symbol of white identity. this is how the white house is responding to that. >> in the new zealand attack cited the president in his manifesto. i'm wondering if the white house has any reaction. >> it's outrageous to make that connection between this deranged individual that committed this each evil crime to the president who's continually condemned bigotry and racist and made it very clear that this is a
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terrorist attack. that's the white house. go ahead. >> first of all, he hasn't called it a terrorist attack yet. secondly, the shooter in his manifesto said donald trump is a symbol of white pride and we share a common purpose. what is a common purpose that a white supremacist could share with donald trump? also we know that daily stormer, the number one white supremacist website in america sees donald trump as an ally, so does david duke of the kkk, so does richard spencer of the alt-right movement. why are all these groups and also the shooter seeing donald trump as a blunt instrument, as an enabler and ally for their poise on ideology? a question i have for american viewers on the fence. >> as they sit and think on that, we know the president speaking at the white house in a couple of minutes. he's got this veto. he's asked for camera in the oval. he could make other comments. wajahat, if he chooses to discuss what's happening in new zealand, if he labels it a
12:11 pm
terror attack or condemns it, will it ring hollow or will it make a difference? >> how can it not -- how can it not ring hollow? this is the same president who says i think islam hates us. this is the same president who's retweeted the fake news of britain first, a right wing anti-muslim group. this is the same person who said he's seen a video of muslim celebrating terror attacks that never existed. yes, it rings hollow especially when he's so mute when it comes to domestic terrorism when it comes to white supremacist -- >> what do you want to hear him say? >> i want him to say that this is an act of domestic terrorism, that i apologize and renounce my words and deeds that might have enabled the climate of hate, that i will attack this number one domestic terror threat just like i attack muslim suspects like isis and al qaeda and i will do my part to be the commander-in-chief and president of all americans, not just my base or white nationalists.
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>> thank you very much. we'll be listening to the president and see what he does say. if you would like to help the victims in new zealand, their families, you can go to our impact world page. we have identified a vetted organization that is helping them so you can go to much more on that terror attack ahead including what role social media should play in stopping the hate speech that fuels these extremists but there's breaking news at the white house. president trump is expected to issue his first veto in an oval office event. we will be listening to see if he has a message for the republicans who voted to block his emergency declaration just 24 hours ago. also today, north korea threatening to suspend nuclear talks after the failed summit most recently in hanoi. the former u.s. envoy to north korea joins me live to discuss where the u.s. should go from here.
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in just a couple of minutes president trump is expected to sign a veto of a significant resolution passed in the u.s. senate. 12 republicans join democrats to block the emergency declaration done at the u.s./mexico border. kaitlan collins is with me now and so as this happens in a couple of minutes, you are hearing he is not going to go about this veto very quietly. what's the white house's plan? >> reporter: no and that's why you're seeing the president do this in front of the cameras. he doesn't have any hesitation about signing this veto and he's really relishing it after those 12 republican senators voted against the president yesterday rebuking his choice to declare a
12:18 pm
national emergency over building that wall on the southern border, but the president doesn't see it as an issue about the constitution or about the precedent he's going to set. instead he says it's all about border security and he saw that vote yesterday as a loyalty test to him and he paid close attention white house officials said to who was voting with him or against him. you can see how many vetoes have happened there by past presidents but certainly the president wanted to make sure that this was a very public ceremony where he can make clear that this is about border security and he thinks he's making the right decision as he's tweeted several times about this saying he's fully confident in what he's doing, though did hint yesterday there's a chance he could be open to what some republicans on capitol hill wanted, he could have this national emergency but they wanted to limit his presidential powers in the future, whether or not that sticks and is concrete, brooke, we'll have to see. >> i wanted to ask you just based upon the conversation i had here on tv about the horrific story in new zealand,
12:19 pm
we know the president was supposed to speak to the prime minister, do you know if that's happened? >> reporter: the president has tweeted that he has spoken to the prime minister of new zealand. white house said that was going to happen before the signing ceremony. he says they spoke about the horrific events that have taken place over the past 24 hours and he said he told the prime minister the united states stands in solidarity with them and that any assistance that the usa can give we stand by ready to help. he says we love you new zealand. we're going to get this veto signing ceremony in front of the cameras but white house officials have also said that that's when the president is going to take questions about this, that's the first time we're hear about it from him on camera. we'll see what he says there about how that phone call went. >> thank you for that at the white house. we are seeing the first signs of fallout from president trump's failed second summit in vietnam with kim jong-un and now north korea's vice foreign minister says that north korea may suspend denuclearization talks according to the state
12:20 pm
news agency. what is more is that this minister blamed the breakdownof talks on the u.s. side saying the american delegation was being too demanding and too inflexible and to quote the north koreans here, we're too busy with pursuing their own political interests and had no since sincere intention to achieve a result. pompeo and bolton pushed back and saying that was wrong. pompeo added this today about any missile tests by north korea. >> with respect to what was said last night about chairman kim potentially considering ending the moratorium, i can say only this, in hanoi on multiple occasions he spoke directly to the president and made a commitment that he would not resume nuclear testing nor would he resume missile testing, so that's chairman kim's word. we have every expectation that he will live up to that commitment. >> with me now cnn global
12:21 pm
affairs analyst joseph un good to have you back. let's just talk about this latest move from north korea. is this not something that the u.s. president would do? do you think it's possible that kim jong-un actually read art of the deal"? >> i think you're right. this is quite trumpian i would say with kim jong-un, you know, saying this is up to him. he may go ahead and test nuclear devices or missiles or he will suspend the talks and it's up to him, but remember, what she said, our leader believes he is a wonderful relations with president trump -- >> here's the quote because it's so good, joseph. the relationship between trump and kim jong-un is still good and the chemistry is mysteriously wonderful,
12:22 pm
mysteriously wonderful? >> that's exactly right, mysteriously wonderful and it is mysterious, but i think what happened fundamentally in hanoi is their expectations were so different. north koreans had very different expectations and to some extent, president trump as well as pompeo and others led them to believe there was a deal, there was a small deal that could be had so they went away quite angry. now, brooke, remember they had to take a 65 hour train ride back to pyongyang and during the ride, kim jong-un was saying, why am i doing this? so for them if it's a disaster, kim jong-un is caught in a bind, he expected some relief in sanctions which will improve the economy, but instead he's got nothing. to me, expectations were not met and to me it speaks volumes
12:23 pm
about two sides not having prepared, rushing into a summit before all the homework were done. >> so if kim walks away irked and wondering why this is happened, if clearly trump walked away and to give him credit, it was a horrible deal. he shouldn't have taken that deal, so he walks away, now you have north korea as part of this threat, you know, maybe saying they may end the self-imposed moratorium on test of nuclear weapons. how possible is it that kim does something provocative soon? >> i think -- i think it is very possible, brooke and this is under normal circumstances. this really is the time that, you know, when i was there, i would have gone out to places like beijing, south korea and really -- and russia and really got them to work with north koreans and tell them, we don't
12:24 pm
want tensions to hike up even further. we don't want to go back, but i don't know whether under this administration they will do that because it's become a test. this is an issue, a big issue for president trump. >> how -- the question is how would trump would react and obviously we don't know, but, you know, how might he react? you think the pendulum might swing all the way back to rocket man? >> oh, i think that -- i would say right now north koreans are preparing satellite launch which is same as a missile launch. if they do that, i think president trump will not be happy at all as he has said already and we're back to where we were in 2017 before all this began. >> joseph yun, i have a feeling you and i will be talking again.
12:25 pm
thank you so much. good to see you, sir. >> i think so. okay. we are watching two events, two major events right now. president trump opening up the oval office to cameras any moment now so he can sign this first veto of his presidency. and in new zealand, the only suspect charged so far in the terror attacks set to have his first court appearance at the top of the hour. we'll take you live to new zealand coming up. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla.
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back to our breaking news. 49 people are dead and dozens more are injured in an attack on two mosques in new zealand. disturbing aspect of this deadly attack, a shooter appears to have live streamed the whole thing on facebook. the disturbing and graphic video lasts nearly 17 minutes. it has not been verified yet by cnn but facebook's artificial intelligence tools and it's human moderators did not detect this live stream. facebook was alerted to it by the new zealand police and removed the shooter's account and video but by then the video had rapidly spread across multiple platforms leaving facebook, youtube, twitter scrambling to get this content off their site. i've got sara sidner with me. lance, just first to you on that point. how is it that they cannot yank
12:31 pm
it down like that? >> well, first of all, they wait for somebody to report it, right? that tends to be how it is. facebook -- i could pick up my phone right now and start live streaming from here immediately, so that happens first, then somebody says, hey, some user says oh, my god or -- then they go and pull it down. but in that period of time, the internet is a cloning machine. one walks in a million walk out. it's a problem of scale from that moment forward and there is also, you know, from the a.i. side, from the algorithmic side recognizing what is, in fact, violent video, what isn't entertainment, that's not as easy as it sounds and they still haven't done enough. two years ago a woman live streamed officials shooting her boyfriend at a traffic stop and that went live and in that two years, we really haven't gotten better at stopping this stuff from flooding out on to social
12:32 pm
media. >> that's a problem. you cover so much of this stuff. how easy it is for these people to use the internet to spread their message. >> it's true. we should be really clear that the ideology of white supremacy, the ideology of neo nazi of the kkk it is adangerous as the ideology of members of isis, as the ideology of al qaeda. it is trying to make one group and vilify that one group and say that you are better than that one group and that the other group is dangerous, right? are invaders which we know having read through the entire ramblings of someone who's clearly got some serious issues and as you read through that the word invaders is on 25 pages of the 76 pages that he wrote and so as you look through that and you start to see what is happening, it is really about being afraid of the other and
12:33 pm
where is this all going? where did he get it all from? where did he get all these idea? he himself says the sbin. that's where only the truth is on the internet. i want to hear actually from the sblc who looks at the stuff and researches the stuff, not just from white supremacy but all hate groups. here's how people are being -- their minds are being changed. >> let's watch. >> white supremacists are really everywhere that the average person is online and that has to do with the fact that they're very highly motivated to reach audiences and try to attract people with their ylgz. social media plafts like facebook and twitter but also on their own websites and forums. they're going anywhere they can to recruit people and disseminate their ideologies. >> can we be really clear that this is terrorism? that it doesn't mean if you're white or brown, muslim or christian, whatever your race or
12:34 pm
religion is, if you go and kill people in the name of something else trying to change something, trying to change governments, it is terrorism and now 49 people are dead and 48 people injured. that's what we're dealing with and the problem is getting worse. >> i wanted to talk a little bit about the social media aspect of this in that while this person clearly mental problems was very specific in mentioning certain people, mentioning certain social media things and posting his manifesto online in a -- some people call it a press kit but it was really engineered to be viral. mentioning somebody like pudi pie who says i have nothing to do with this, well that causes what i like to cause a second wave and the second wave of virality, this person apparently engineered -- it's truly the weaponization of social media which makes it that much worse. >> so what can law enforcement,
12:35 pm
what can the social media, you know, executives, bosses, master minds, how can they work together to stop this? you're both looking at me like a needle in a haystack. >> i actually started talking about this on twitter today and i suggested that for live streams, at least, it's time to put a delay. i'm not sure why everybody needs to go live right now unless you're an official, unless you're you brooke going live right now, but if there was a 30 second delay, that would actually give the algorithm yumz more time to work on the content and the humans more time to address it. the problem is that the system is still set up to go live now and i don't think it's a major change if you are a verified individual with a job where it is your job to go live at a moment's notice, fine, you get that. if you have a track record of proving you're a citizen journalist, it's time to do this because we are in a case where the algorithms have not cut up with the content.
12:36 pm
i believe they can. apple told me they do trillions of computations on single photos in a second. we can do this. we can get better. stop opening the door and let anybody walk through because there's tremendous power in broadcast and that is not been recognized. >> look, there's no gateway but to be fair, a lot of people using internet do not like that idea. >> of course not. >> big brother. policing. >> i'm not talking people that have terroristic ideals, i'm talking about 13-year-olds, 15-year-olds, 25-year-olds. they don't like the idea of being regulated, if we don't do that, if it's the wild, wild west, then you'll start seeing this. your children are going to start seeing these horrifying images and once it's out there, it's almost impossible to pull it back. >> you cannot stop the spread. >> one of the best conversations i've had all day, guys.
12:37 pm
i appreciate it. we'll continue it. sarah and lance, thank you so much. we are moments away from president trump signing his first ever veto. it will strike down congress's bipartisan resolution to end his national emergency declaration at the mexican border. we'll take the white house and those cameras in the oval office as soon as we see the president. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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meaning of those who have been directly affected by the shooting may be migrants to new
12:42 pm
zealand, they may even be refugees here. they have chosen to make new zealand their home and it is their home. they are us. the person who has capitulated this violence against us is not. they have no place in new zealand. there is no place in new zealand for such acts of extreme and unprecedented violence. >> that was the prime minister trying to spread a message of unity in the wake of a terror attack that killed 49 people. president trump says he called her moments ago to express his condolences. the top of the hour, the only suspect charged so far in the attack will be in court christchurch. that's where we find emma. what do you know? >> reporter: what we know is that the death toll does still stand at 49 and those injured inside the hospital stands just over 42 of those in critical
12:43 pm
condition, one is a 4-year-old who's being transferred to a children's hospital, but there is been a strong presence from family inside that hospital. more than 200 family members going in and out throughout the night. we were down there at 2:00 a.m. and there was still children, still family flowing in and out of the hospital waiting for any news of people. there have been 12 operating theaters under way there, operating on people throughout the evening and those family members would have been waiting for news on the outcome of those as well. >> and so you said 42, there's a 4-year-old being transferred, quickly on this 28-year-old. he is about to meet his moment in court, yes? >> reporter: yeah, i'm outside our local court house here at the moment. there's a growing presence from public as well as international and local media here in the
12:44 pm
courthouse. he should be appear within the next couple of hours now. it is expected here in new zealand these first appearances usually brief appearances where they discuss legal restrictions. what we can say about people what they are appearing in court. there won't be much detail that comes out of the appearance. he has been in custody overnight after being arrested by police yesterday afternoon here in new zealand, so he will appear we are expecting him to appear within the next couple of hours. >> okay. emma cropper for us there at the courtristchurch, thank you. back here at home, any moment now president trump will be coming to us from the oval office in front of cameras to sign his first veto of his presidency. this is for the bipartisan rebuke of his national emergency declaration. what will the president say? stay tuned. ♪
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in just a couple minutes made for tv event at the white house to showcase a move president trump has never actually done before. this is his first veto. it'll make his rebuke of lawmakers as public as the one the senate made against him this time yesterday. those 12 republicans joining democrats in approving resolution to block the president's national emergency declaration. the declaration unlocked more than $3 billion in defense funds to build a border wall. so i have with me cnn chief political analyst gloria borger. gloria, happy friday, nice to see you. >> to you too. >> the white house -- the white house requested cameras to be in the oval office, clearly trump wants the photo op, what is his motivation? >> well, his motivation is first of all, to tell his base that
12:50 pm
i'm doing what i promised you i would do which is i'm getting money to build this wall. he's also clearly given his tweets this morning going to send a message to those senate republicans who voted against him that maybe was not so smart because i'll come after you at some point if you're up for re-election and i think largely this is him saying, you know, i did what i said i would do. >> i'm draining the swamp. >> yes, absolutely. >> let me read this tweet for everyone. this is what the president tweeted this afternoon. i'd like to thank all of the great republican senators who this will help human trafficking and drugs entering our country. watch when you get back to your state they will love you more than ever before. is that a not so real threat for those that did not vote in his favor? >> of course.
12:51 pm
it was worth your while. they will love you like you loved me. if you can't support me remember there are 12 republicans. if the you look at those list of republicans and you know this, they from all, you know, they are from all walks. you have conservatives on that list. i promise you i will make this point you were against many. you were against the l what and you were disloyal to me. of course the president saw this as something personal that if you crossed him on this you were crossing him. you were not making a constitutional argument which is what a lot of these republicans are saying. you've n you're not allowed to do this constitutionally. we are the ones that were to say where the money goes. >> stay we me. we'll do this here. special coverage of the
12:52 pm
president's first veto next.
12:53 pm
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12:58 pm
saying it was clearly authorized under the law. >> right. he has a lot of republicans in the united states senate that disagree with him and who believe it sets a terrible precedent. don't forget you have a republican president now. what if you have a dem rattic president that said i will spend, you know, tk billions of dollars on climate change. republicans saying it is our responsibility and not yours. they think it's unconstitutional but obviously they disagree with the attorney general. >> how about on the republicans? i have you for about 60 more seconds here. we know the house passed the unanimous vote. all of the republicans voted on the democrats there. republicans don't normally broke
12:59 pm
for trump. are you starting the see serious cracks in republican support for him? >> you know, it's very hard to tell. ton house vote they voted to make mueller public. they don't want them cherry picking. they would rather have it all out there and give their own interpretation to the american public. on this issue in the senate i think you see people dhoozing between the constitution and the president of the united states. will that hold for republicans? i doubt it. they kind of go issue by issue these days. you saw one republican senator change his mind because he was afraid of what it would do to him back home and he could get primary on the right. we know president trump has a long memory and he can go after people which he is happy to do
1:00 pm
it seems to me. it is very hard to predict where republicans are going to land on any particular issue right now. >> thank you very much. good to have you on. thank you. i'm brook baldwin let's send things to washington. the lead starts now. >> any moment we are expecting a new face of hatred to appear in court. the lead starts right now. what's being called new zealand's darkest day being felt across the united states. it is expected to speak as the white supremacist madman. president trump speaking as he picks up his veto pin for the first time and ranting against his own party over the border emergency. >> bad break